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These seven tips can help free up memory and keep your handheld running Delete apps by scrolling over them and hitting your BlackBerry.
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The outlet your charger is plugged into maybe be bad. This means that there may be nothing wrong with your phone. Plug your charger and device into another outlet to see if the problem persists. Some outlets may have switches associated with them; be sure to turn them on before use.

How to clear the browser cache on your BlackBerry

The first thing that you should do is restart your phone. In order to do this, remove the battery see the Blackberry Storm Battery Replacement guide, wait a few seconds and then put it back in. If you can control the phone by using the buttons and your touchscreen does not respond to your touches, swipes, and presses, then your touchscreen may be broken. Check to see if the touch screen button located behind the screen is broken using the Blackberry Storm Screen Button Replacement guide.

This is especially true if your screen is cracked or shattered.

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This is most likely a problem that will take technical assistance and is hard to solve individually. Is your camera not taking any pictures or producing pictures that are lower quality? Read on to find out how to fix it. It is possible that the camera settings have been changed. If so, you can change the settings by going to the home screen and pressing the menu button, camera, the menu button again, and choosing options.

Here you can change the settings as desired or change them back to normal. When the lens is scratched, the pictures may come out blurry or unclear. In this case, your phone might need to be taken into the store for a repair. Is your camera producing distorted images? Your camera could be broken and may need to be brought into a store for a repair. For starters, make sure that your phone is turned on. In order to do this, hold the power button on the top of your phone. If nothing happens, keep reading. If your touchscreen is unresponsive, and pressing the power button doesn't turn on the phone, then you may have a problem with your battery.

First, however, make sure that your phone is charged, then plug in your power cord to the charging port and watch for a response. If still nothing happens then you may need to replace your battery. If this is the case, then refer to the Blackberry Storm Battery Replacement guide to replace your battery.

How to Clear the App World Cache on Your BlackBerry

If your screen is black then you may have water damage. In order to check for this, you will need to remove your battery. Refer to the Blackberry Storm Battery Replacement guide on how to to do this. Look on the edges for a white sticker with a red line through it. If you find this sticker then your phone does not have water damage. However, if you find a light pink sticker this means that your phone has been exposed to a harmful amount of moisture.

If all else fails, your screen may be broken and in need of replacement. Trying to listen to your favorite song only to find silence? Continue reading to troubleshoot the root of the problem. Your phone may be at the lowest volume. Try turning up the volume a few notches and check if you can now hear sound.

If not, read on. Another issue could be that your Blackberry is on mute. Take your phone off mute and test the sound once more. Continue reading if you still can not hear anything. It could be the headphones you're trying to use. Try using different headphones to see if that's the cause of the problem. If you still hear nothing, continue reading. If after adjusting the volume, and testing out other headphones, you still cannot hear anything through the headphone jack, it could be broken.

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  • In which case, you may need to bring your phone in to a store for a repair. If it is missing, make sure to carefully replace it. Locate the SIM card in your phone, carefully remove it and put it back in making sure that it is right side up, referring to the Blackberry Storm SIM Card Replacement guide as necessary. If this is still not working, try restarting your device. Go to the settings menu on your device to check if the memory card has too much data on it. To fix this you may need to delete photos, videos, message history, etc. To check if the memory card is broken, try putting a working memory card in.

    Take it to your local phone provider store for details. If the chip is broken then the easy fix is to buy a new one; however, if the chip reader is broken then the phone needs to be taken to the store for further assistance. Your phone has been overexposed to water in the recent future. This may be causing improper functionality of your device.

    Clearing the BlackBerry App World Cache

    Your phones audio may be broken due to water damage. Research in motion cell phone user manual 42 pages. Blackberry curve Blackberry BlackBerry Pearl Blackberry Bold Blackberry Curve Pearl Memory Cleaning Blackberry Pearl Blackberry Storm Blackberry Torch Blackberry Comments to this Manuals Your Name: Enter text from picture: Latest comments: By pressing 'print' button you will print only current page.

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